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If you guys haven’t realized, this is no longer my blog! I used to be violet-the-daughter, and I’ve (unbelievably) changed blogs! I kept the same URL, but just switched it to be my main account. So, if you want to, you can unfollow this unneeded acount, and go follow me over here


Anonymous asked:

Any news on violett-harmonnn? Are you and seven still worried?.. I think if it was a hiatus she would of been like "going on a hiatus", but she said "goodbye".... :/ Do you or seven have her number? I can't stop think about her. I'm so worried

I have nothing on her, and neither does Seven. We’re both worried sick, and all we can hope for is that she’s safe. I don’t have her number, and Seven did but he lost his stupid fucking phone on the train, so I don’t think we have any way of contacting her.

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